Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Here are a few recent photos. Please note that I am not wearing makeup in some of them, and had rolled out of bed recently.
Kevin's parents joined "Bountiful Baskets", which supplies them with fruit, veggies, bread, tortillas, and sometimes easter cookies with frosting. We had fun decorating them, and Sophia and Kevin had fun eating them.
Sophia loves to paint. She has four paintings in her bedroom that she has named "forty eight" and "sophia lynn fendrick"... She wanted to paint a few days ago, but we were out of canvases, so she decided to paint her feet and moved upward. It was really funny to see her explore her body with a paintbrush.


Nate Wendt said...

Nice paintings, Sophia! It looks like you have got a little artist on your hands. Btw, you look fine without makeup.

Carly said...

i love that curly hair!